Other Services

How can we support you?

Training & Study

  • Cook and Driver preparation training for Canada, including Visa holder’s Pre-departure/arrival orientation Q&A and Job/Resume preparation guidance 
  • We evaluate background and help students to get admission in one of the 1000’s of courses and hundreds of colleges in Canada, Europe, UK, Australia and USA
  • We guide international students about GIC funds, loans, language training, wire transfer, medicals, biometric, pre departure and arrival support
  • Students use Govt visa partner VFS or licensed immigration consultant 

Start-Up & Investor

  • We work with Govt designated firms and clients to develop new Start-Up innovative project or use existing one to get Letter of Support for Visa & PR under Govt of Canada Start-Up Visa program. 
  • As needed we can help with idea pitch, Incorporation, Bank account, office, , business plan, marketing, website, office, address, phone number, tech, IT, CPA book keeping & lawyer advisory to support clients
  • We work with investors to match them with a Start-Up group project for visa and where they may cover majority of incubator related cost. 
  • We also refer clients to financial intermediaries for possibility for more funds

Business & Office

  • We offer Federal incorporation with provincial registration, for Canadian or companies from outside Canada looking to expand to Canada and access the North American Market. We offer a basic marketing address plan or customized plan to enable sales & billing from your new Canadian venture under our directorship until you have a resident director.
  • Virtual office or coworking shared desk, meeting room, office on hourly, weekly or month to month basis.
  • We can help with computers, tablets, projector , audio-video, design, print, scan or other related equipment on site.
  • We also offer affordable back office staff to meet your occasional or full requirements related to marketing, sales, bookkeeping, filing or administration.

IT & Software

  • We offer website development and work on software application projects for new or existing concepts.  We also help with domain, server and back office IT related support.
  • We help clients source IT related hardware and help design/deliver printed material at affordable rate.
  • We offer inhouse or third party software, paid web platform for immigration consultants and free web platform for restaurants and job seekers